Endorsement Process & Arrangements

NYSUT Member Benefits utilizes its staff of experienced professionals, Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and independent benefits consultants to assist in product design and provide research on potential program endorsements.

Once a program is endorsed, staff and consultants carefully monitor it for participation, member satisfaction, utilization, and product competitiveness. Member Benefits representatives also meet with providers of endorsed programs several times per year to discuss the program and negotiate for improvements and enhancements.

As part of the monitoring of Member Benefits-endorsed programs and services, a review process will be conducted at least once every five years. The review process may include, as needed, a Request for Information (RFI) and/or a Request for Proposal (RFP) to determine if the agreement with the program provider should be renewed or another provider should be selected.

We encourage you to let us know immediately if you should ever have an issue or concern with any of our endorsed programs. Our involvement in these types of situations allows us to address your needs in a timely manner.

Please Note: No member dues monies are received from NYSUT to support the Trust or Corporation. Member Benefits receives endorsement fees from some of the providers of its endorsed programs. These fees are used solely to defray the costs of administering the benefit programs of Member Benefits, including compensation, rent, office expenses, and the cost of retaining consultants, auditors and attorneys to advise the trustees, directors and staff.

Member Benefits revenue is also used to enhance the benefit programs for their participants. No monies are paid to NYSUT except reimbursement for use of facilities and for services and personnel provided by NYSUT to, and at the request of, Member Benefits (with reasonableness of amounts certified annually to the trustees and directors by the Trust’s and the Corporation's independent auditors).

Member Benefits does not represent that its endorsed benefit programs are the lowest-cost products. Instead, our goal is to obtain and maintain quality benefit programs at competitive prices. Participants are encouraged to shop and compare. Although some of our endorsed programs may provide legal or financial advice, Member Benefits does not offer investment, legal or tax advice. Participants are urged to consult their own investment, financial, tax, and legal advisers to help them with an evaluation of the benefit programs.