Free Member Benefits

Free Member BenefitsNYSUT Member Benefits appreciates everything that NYSUT members do on a daily basis to benefit those in the education and health care industries.

We are proud to offer the following programs and services to NYSUT members free of charge. Click on any of the items on this page to learn more.

  • NEW: PEER SUPPORT LINE -- Created in partnership with NYSUT Social Services and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, this confidential helpline can provide answers, resources, and empathetic support when you need it.

  • NEW: PREMIUM CALM SERVICE -- All NYSUT in-service AND retiree members are provided with unlimited access to the full library of sleep, meditation, and relaxation content at and in the Calm app.

  • NEW: YOURCARE360 -- All NYSUT members (both in-service and retiree) can utilize this helpful service offering online access to caregiving guidance and answers to many of the questions that confront family caregivers.

  • STUDENT LOAN COUNSELING -- NYSUT members can speak with a Cambridge Credit Counseling loan counselor, attend a NYSUT Student Loan Workshop, or visit the Cambridge Student Loan Portal through this helpful resource.

  • FINANCIAL LEARNING CENTER -- Powered by Kiplinger's Personal Finance, this platform offers numerous articles designed to assist NYSUT members with achieving their personal financial goals and better understand the nuances of insurance, savings, investing, and more.

  • CREDIT COUNSELING -- All NYSUT members (both in-service and retiree) are eligible to receive a free, no obligation debt consultation with a Cambridge Credit Counseling certified counselor.

  • NEW MEMBER LIFE INSURANCE POLICY -- New NYSUT members are eligible to receive a free term life insurance policy providing coverage for up to $25,000 for one year, guaranteed renewable at the end of the year.

  • ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT INSURANCE -- All NYSUT members (both in-service and retiree) are automatically provided with a $5,000 accidental death & dismemberment insurance benefit.

  • TRAVEL ASSISTANCE SERVICES -- All NYSUT members (both in-service and retiree) are automatically provided with travel assistance services from AXA Assistance that focus on providing coordination services to travelers.

  • NEW: LEGAL ASSISTANCE PLAN -- NYSUT members in a non-full dues or split dues category are eligible to participate in this new benefit offering limited legal assistance from the law firm of Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C.

  • NATIONAL AFFILIATE RESOURCES -- Your status as a NYSUT member provides you with access to complimentary life insurance from the National Education Association, along with discounted access to therapy and mental health resources from Talkspace (NEW!), an accidental death & dismemberment insurance benefit, and trauma counseling services from the American Federation of Teachers.