March 06, 2024

Select from multiple hearing care options with EPIC Hearing

NYSUT members and their loved ones can purchase brand-name hearing aids starting at $699 per device.

The EPIC (Ear Professionals International Corporation) Hearing Service Plan offers a national network of more than 7,200 credentialed licensed hearing professionals, with more than 250 in New York State.

The company offers multiple technology level options to help make hearing care more affordable for NYSUT members and their loved ones, ranging from the $699 silver level per hearing aid device to the $2,299 premium level per hearing aid device. That cost includes a hearing exam, evaluation, follow-up care, batteries/charging case, and more.*

*Pricing is valid through 12/31/24. For the most up-to-date pricing and information, please contact EPIC Hearing. Three follow-up visits are included at no cost; hearing aids purchased in the silver technology level receive one follow-up visit.